A platform which provides the subscriber the opportunity to earn AcuteCoin generated via 3 main avenues in crypto currency, its hard coded proof of stake mechanism, external physical mining of crypto currencies and the building of a solid portfolio of crypto assets while supporting proven projects in the space.

For contact, reach us on telegram: Raports post them on this thread with quote of the previous week  — weekly reporting – by the dates set in the spreadsheet   — but raports are welcome any time during the week.


Telegram airdrop: – 20.000 XAC (0.5 XAC) / referral
Twitter contests: – 10 x 500 XAC winners
Registration airdrop: 65.000 XAC


Key ICO information

Pre-ICO starts: June 1, 2018 12:00AM GMT | Airdrop Ends: June 1, 2018 12:00AM GMT | Bounty Ends: June 1, 2018 12:00AM GMT
Coin name: XAC
Coin value: 1 XAC = start sale price is $0.60 and after ICO it is $1.20
Pre-sale bonus: 100%
Total number of coins created: 42.000.000
Total number of coins for sale: 10.000.000

Useful Links

Website for the ICO
Twitter Page
Telegram Group
Facebook Page

Current Bounty Opportunities
60.000 XAC coins have been reserved for our global bounty program.

Twitter: 22.5% / 13.500 XAC
Facebook: 22.5% / 13.500 XAC
YouTube & Blog Posts: 20% / 12.000 XAC
Translation: 30% / 18.000 XAC
All questions related to bounty please address them in the dedicated channel :


Twitter: 22.5% / 13.500 XAC 

Fill out this Google Form:

Follow AcuteCoin on Twitter
Tweet and retweet up to 5 posts a week and report them on this thread with quote of the past week.We would appreciate 1 original post with a link to our website.
Share distribution:
0-499 Followers: 2 stakes/week
500-999 followers: 4 stakes/week
1.000-1.999 followers: 6 stakes/week
2.000+ followers: 10 stakes/week
Follower counts will be taken at the beginning of the campaign and the initial count will be used until the campaign ends, audit score minimum 80%.


Facebook: 22.5% / 13.500 XAC 

Fill out this google form:

Follow AcuteCoin hare up to 5 posts a week and report them on this thread with quote of the past week. We would appreciate 1 original post with a link to our website.
Share distribution:
0-499 friends: 2 stakes/week
500-999 friends: 4 stakes/week
1.000-1.999 friends: 6 stakes/week
2.000+ friends: 10 stakes/week
Your Facebook friend count and shared posts must be public for verification by the AcuteCoin team.


YouTube & Blog Posts: 20% / 12.000 XAC 
We are giving a number of stakes to motivate users to create videos about AcutCoin
Submit the videos/blog posts here:

1. Describe AcuteCoin and its featured.
2. Video must be in good resolution.
3. Video length must be minimum 60 seconds.
4. You can upload them to Youtube and other sites.
5. Three videos is a maximum per person.

High quality & audience: 50 stakes
Superb quality & audience: 100 stakes

Translations: 30% of bounty pool 18.000 XAC : 

You must translate both the whitepaper and the Ann thread. Whitepaper link:
To reserve a language, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly with confirmation:

Share distribution:
ANN thread: 100 stakes
Website: 150 stakes
Whitepaper: 350 stakes
Moderation/Thread management: 5 points per constructive moderator post.

Example of formula for Bitcointalk Member Signature:

(Bounty campaign pool  / total number of stakes everyone earned during the campaign)* number of stakes you earned= Your final number of coins

Please use this report template for facebook and twitter and quote past week:

Facebook Profile Link:
Friends: #
WEEK 1 (23/02-29/02)

Twitter Profile Link:
Followers: #
Spreadsheet: #
WEEK 1 (23/02-29/02)

YouTube & Blog Posts CAMPAIGN
Blog Link:
Yotube channel:
Youtube Link:
WEEK 1 (23/02-29/02)[/list][/list]


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