Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce that the AdultChain’s AirDrop starts today May 11th and will be ending on June 1st!

We are humbled with the overwhelming support that AdultChain has received so far and we want to reward AdultChain’s community with an amazing bounty opportunity!


Important Facts:
🔺Hardcap on bounty rewards is 1,000,000 XXX
🔺Get rewarded for joining our community. (Telegram & Discord)
🔺Get rewarded for promoting on social media. (Bitcointalk & Twitter)
🔺Get rewarded for creating content (blog, articles, interviews, videos, animations, stickers)

🔹 No FUD/Toxicity.
🔹 No referrals/advertising.
🔹 No profanity/discrimination.
🔹 Only AdultChain related conversations.
🔹 DON’T SEND CRYPTO TO ANYONE claiming to be part of the AdultChain team.


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🔸 Website:
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🔸 Github:

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