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The main aim of ALE – is to engage the technologies of decentralized applications for project management automation.
It allows to perform the search of works contractors and other labour force in legal field.
That is why we have created ALE – the platform to implement project management decentralized services, with a blockchain as a central element in it.
One of the main ALE features – is to support multilateral smart contracts. By means of them, or, to be exact, due to the possibility to automatically administrate the relationship of the parties, the confiding environment is guaranteed.
Moreover, clauses can be added to any business arrangements along the process of work. ALE enables the smart contracts to be supplemented by new terms until they’re completed, creating the “contract tree”, or the project structure by another name.


ALEHUB launches bounty campaign!


To encourage as many people as possible to participate actively in a community dedicated to creating new composite economy, ALEHUB will be giving away
2% of all tokens, that equals to 2,200,000 ALEs (~660,000$)!


Tokens withdrawal will be available in 2 days after ICO ends, on 25 July 2018.



Bounty rules


Telegram & Twitter campaign
Earn 30 ALE

1. Join our Telegram group ( and Twitter (

2. Register in our Bot (
NB!: you should use the same Telegram account, that was used to join the Telegram group

3. Do not unsign from Twitter nor Telegram group, till the ICO ends

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Referal program
Earn 10 ALE

1. Create your referral link here:

2. Invite friends, that would join bounty program

3. Tokens withdrawal will be available in 2 days after ICO ends, on 25 July 2018.


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