The total amount of bounty pool is 75,000,000 ARAW. Bounty pool will be divided among the participants proportionally to the amount of their stakes.

The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.


Please check your participation in this spreadsheet: Spreadsheet

WEEK 1: May 07 – May 13
WEEK 2: May 14 – May 20
WEEK 3: May 21 – May 27
WEEK 4: May 28 – June 03
WEEK 5: June 04 – June 10
WEEK 6: June 11 – June 17
WEEK 7: June 18 – June 24
WEEK 8: June 25 – July 01
WEEK 9: July 02 – July 08
WEEK 10: July 09 – July 15
WEEK 11: July 16 – July 22
Week 12: July 23 – July 29

GENERAL RULE: All bounty participants are required to join
ARAW Token’s Telegram group

Every week participants have to prepare a weekly activity report of presumed valid activity and fill up Weekly report form, not reporting within the next week leads to renouncing the prize for that week.

Fill Activity Form Here

For BitcoinTalk Signature & Avatar Campaign we reserve 30% of bounty pool.
Distribution of stakes according to user level :
Jr. Member: 10 stake/week
Member: 20 stakes/week
Full Member: 30 stakes/week
Sr Member: 50 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary: 70 stakes/week


1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
2. Fill Activity Form Here


1. Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the ICO (allow around a week for these calculations)
2. A minimum of 20 meaningful posts per week must be made during this period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count.
3. Posts must have a minimum length of 50 characters
4. DO NOT use multiple accounts or spam (anyone abusing the system will be reported to the appropriate mediators, permanently disqualified from the campaign, and banned from all other bounties).
5. Discussion Boards we DO NOT count: Games and round, Micro earnings, Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Posts in “tipster” threads, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help, Press, Investor based games.

If you are a blogger or vlogger in cryptocurrency area, we offer you a good possibility to join this campaign and get stakes. For Blog & Video Campaign we reserve 30% of bounty pool.
Fill Activity Form Here

Spread the word with your original content and earn tokens by:
Blogging about ARAW,
Promoting it in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach
Creating YouTube videos (including interviews)

Blog / Articles Rules:

Posts must be written in english
Posts must contain only unique content
Posts must be publicly accessible
Posts must be 400 characters or more in length
Posts must contain at least 2 links to Araw token website or related content (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn etc).
We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website you choose to publish your text on must be at least 2 months old, and must have user activity
We will evaluate blogs according to their quality in order to reward those participants who invested the greatest effort in their posts. Bounties will be awarded according to three quality levels.

Video Rules:

You must produce at-least 2-minute video
Your Youtube channel subscribers must be more than 100
Video must be publicly accessible
Your title must include the word ARAW token.
Produce quality video explaining benefits, Features, Ecosystem, how to guides of ARAW token.
You must have at least 20 views before being accepted
The video should talk about the ARAW token positively. We will evaluate videos according to their quality in order to reward those participants who invested the greatest effort in their posts. Bounties will be awarded according to three quality levels.

Stakes will be distributed as follows:
10 stakes for a basic-level article or video
20 stakes for a medium-level article or video
40 stakes for a high-quality article or video

We offer a reward for translating the Araw BitcoinTalk Thread official post, white paper, and ANNs (including moderating local threads).
The following languages are welcome: Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Hindi.
For Translation Campaign, we reserve 15% of bounty pool.

This bounty consists of two tasks:
1. Translation of ANN+bounty thread
2. Creation and moderation of local Telegram groups


Register your participation here.
Be at least in Jr. Member rank or above to join the campaign.
Each member should translate the official ARAW BitcoinTalk Thread post and original thread ANNs. In order to fulfil bounty task, you need to create your local thread at
BitcoinTalk, moderate and manage it publishing the translated posts there.
Format of all original posts and documents should be retained. Non-qualified and incomplete translations and posts are to be excluded from the campaign.
Once you have registered to this campaign, please wait till we contact you. DO NOT start translation before you get our instructions!
After ICO is finished, the whole bounty pool is to be redistributed among all campaign members considering the number of stakes each member gained. Bounty tasks success will be verified and estimated after the ICO ends. To receive bonus, each member must participate until the end of the ICO and follow the terms enumerated above.
Stakes earned will depend on the activity in the thread and the number of members in the Telegram.
Translation of pinned message from main group: 5 stakes + 2 stake/member at the end of campaign
ANN + bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 Stakes per valid post

Fill Activity Form Here


Earn Stakes by mentioning #ARAW or retweeting our updates and news to your groups, friends and followers.
For Twitter Follow & Repost Campaign We reserve 5% of bounty pool.

Stakes will be paid depending on followers (at the start of the campaign).
250-749 followers: 1 stake per tweet/retweet
750-1499 followers: 2 stakes per tweet/retweet
1500-9999 followers: 4 stakes per tweet/retweet
10.000+ followers: 6 stakes per tweet/retweet


1. Follow our official page in Twitter and Tweets/retweets must have at least 2 of these hashtags: #Crypto #Blockchain #ARAW #arawtoken #icosale #ecommerce #payment #ether #ethereum #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #ICO #tokensale #arawpay #btc
2. You can retweet ARAW’s tweets or create your own with content from the YouTube channel, blog, etc., or anything related to ARAW token.
3. Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign
4. Tweets have to be spaced at least 1 hour. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the bounty campaign
5. Do not retweet anything older than 4 days, it will NOT be counted

Fill Activity Form Here


Help us maximize the reach of our page and posts by participating in our Facebook bounty campaign.
You will be able to earn stakes by liking, sharing, or commenting on our page and posts.
For Facebook Follow & Repost Campaign we reserve 5% of bounty pool.

Stakes will be paid depending on friends/followers.
100-500 Followers/Friends: 1 stake per share+like
500-1500 Followers/Friends: 2 stakes per share+like
1500-3000 Followers/Friends: 4 stakes per share+like
3000 Plus Followers/Friends: 6 stakes per share+like


1. Participants must share and like ARAW token’s posts
2. Shares must have at least 2 of these hashtags: #Crypto #Blockchain #Crowdfunding #Crypto #Blockchain #ARAW #arawtoken #icosale #ecommerce #payment #ether #ethereum #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #ICO #tokensale #arawpay #btc
3. Shares have to be spaced at least 1 hour. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the bounty campaign
4. Accounts with fake friends/followers will be disqualified
5. Friends/followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign
6. All shared articles must also be liked
7. Please DO NOT post rubbish comments, it is neither necessary nor wanted
8. Your Facebook profile should be public (all posts are to be visible for everyone) and friends must be visible

Fill Activity Form Here

Telegram Group

This pool will be divided amongst all eligible and active telegram bounty participants. In order to participate, you must join the Telegram group and users will be additionally rewarded for contributing high-quality content.
We promote regular members to moderators if they consistently contribute high-quality content and encourage frequent discussion. This is at the discretion of the ARAW team.
For Telegram Advertising, we reserve 5% of bounty pool.

Stakes will be distributed as follows:
10 stakes for joining Telegram
60 stakes for becoming a moderator


1. Users must be active and supportive in the group. Inactive users can get up to 50% less bounty or be disqualified at the discretion of the team
2. Users must stay in the group until the end of token sale.
3. Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in the is not allowed
4. Only one account on telegram allowed. A person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified
5. Telegram bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the ARAW Telegram bounty campaign program participants according to the amount of points received

Fill Activity Form Here

Telegram Advertising

Spread the word in your Telegram group about ARAW and earn some tokens. For Telegram Marketer, we have kept 5% bounty.

Stakes will be distributed as follows:
100-249 Members: 1 stake/post
250-749 Members: 2 stakes/post
750-2499 Members: 4 stakes/post
2500+ Members: 6 stakes/post


1. Contact @kruteshshah in Telegram to apply
2. Once approved you will need to post blogs, articles, video from ARAW website or social media campaign in the group and send positive response in the group.
3. Upload the screenshot (using imgurpostimage or similar) and report it in the thread with this format:
Link to Telegram post


1. A maximum of 1 posts per day is allowed in each group
2. Groups with fake members (invited without permission) will be disqualified

Fill Activity Form Here


The first 5000 subscribers to the newsletter will earn a share of this pool 2.5% bounty.
Subscribe to the newsletter on our website either using the “PREREGISTER NOW” link or the “Just want to stay informed? Subscribe” link

Fill Activity Form Here


Participants who go the extra mile and make a special effort to promote our Token Sale will be rewarded. 2.5% of tokens are reserved for Bonus. These tokens will be assigned at the sole discretion of ARAW (so we won’t accept any objections to how they are distributed).

Some activities that could be worthy of these tokens are:
Content with an especially high quality or outreach
Opening new channels for the promotion of the sale
Above average activity in Telegram groups or ANN threads

Please check your participation in this spreadsheet:Spreadsheet


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