The First Locally-Embedded, Yet Global, Crypto-Bank
»»» Participation Sheets:

We are creating a new and approachable financial economy by providing hyper-localized crypto-banking services through a global platform across multiple continents. Development has been ongoing since 2013 and is now being completed. We already have eight franchise licensees and are accepting bids for local franchise operation licenses in countries worldwide.

Bitex wants to ensure that the benefits of the new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can also be felt by those under-served or left out of the current banking system. This is the world’s first localized crypto-bank.

   This is the Official Bounty Thread   
Token Allocations: 4,500,000 XBX Tokens equivalent to $4,500,000

We are conducting a dynamic Bounty Program. We will update the campaigns allocations depending our marketing need. Changes will happen by period and will be communicated before a week start. A period could be one, two or three weeks long. We will make sure to be transparent and communicate in advance changes.

Week 1 – April 19th to April 26th
• Facebook Campaign: 4% ($180,000 worth of tokens)
• Twitter Campaign: 10% ($450,000 worth of tokens)
• Telegram Campaign: 21% ($945,000 worth of tokens)
• Signature Campaign: 37% ($1,665,000 worth of tokens)
• Content Campaign: 28% ($1,260,000 worth of tokens)

• All bounty hunters must join our Official Telegram Channel.
• Register your entries through our Google Forms located on each campaign. Please do not flood the thread with your entries.
• Weekly Reports for the entries needed to be submitted within each bounty week to qualify. Use the Google Forms to submit your entries.
• You can reach the Bounty Manager on this thread. Any questions and clarifications about the bounty program will only be discussed here. But you could also pm me on my Telegram account.

• Stakes will be finalized at the end of the Bounty Program.
• We reserve the right to disqualify your entries from any campaigns if:
1. You are not practicing honest conduct or spamming forums.
2. We might need to refuse you from participating in any of our Bounty Campaigns regardless of reason.
3. You must take action reaching the Bounty Manager for any issues within bounty week or we will not take fault for stakes lost.
4. Your entry does not meet the minimum requirements for that bounty week, you will not receive any stake in that current week. But you still have a chance to participate in the next bounty week
5. Spamming, cheating and having many accounts are strictly forbidden. We will completely remove you from all and any campaigns if found responsible under our management.

*** Please READ the whole bounty campaign post for which it might have special rules according to each campaign. ***
»»» Participation Sheets:

Facebook Campaign

Token Allocation: 4% – $180,000 worth of tokens
100 – 500 Friends = 0.25 Stake per Share/Like
501 – 1,000 Friends = 0.50 Stake per Share/Like
1,001 – 2,000 Friends = 1 Stake per Share/Like
2,001 – 3,000 Friends = 2 Stakes per Share/Like
3,001 – 4,000 Friends = 4 Stakes per Share/Like
4,001 – 5,000 Friends = 6 Stakes per Share/Like

1. Bounty Hunters must share and like Bitex’s posts.
2. Facebook accounts with less than declared friends is an invalid entry.
3. Bounty Hunters who duplicates entry will be disqualified unless you informed us if it was mistakenly posted.
4. We will only allow 20 entries each account per bounty week. Exceeded entries will not be counted.
5. We reserve the right to invalidate any of your entries even without reasons.

Twitter Campaign

Token Allocation: 10% – $450,000 worth of tokens
100 – 500 Followers = 0.25 Stake per tweet
501 – 1,000 Followers = 0.50 Stake per tweet
1,001 – 2,000 Followers = 1 Stake per tweet
2,001 – 5,000 Followers = 2 Stakes per tweet
5,001 – 10,000 Followers = 4 Stakes per tweet
10,001+ Followers = 6 Stakes per tweet
RT/Like = 2 Stakes
Follow = 5 Stakes

1. Bounty Hunters must share and like Bitex’s posts.
2. Bounty Hunters must follow the Official Twitter Account of Bitex.
3. Twitter accounts with less than declared followers is an invalid entry.
4. We have the right to invalidate entries if a Bounty Hunter duplicated its entry even on different bounty weeks.
5. We will only allow 20 tweets and 20 RT/Like entries each account per bounty week.
6. Tweet must include both @Bitex_Global and #BitexGlobal with unique content.
7. Retweet/Like must not be older than 2 weeks to qualify.
8. We reserve the rights to invalidate all of your entries even without any reason.

Telegram Campaign

Token Allocation: 21% – $945,000 worth of tokens
Joining Telegram = 50 Stakes
Wearing Bitex Avatar per day = 5 Stakes
Wearing Bitex Website on name per day = 5 Stakes
Referral (every member)= 10 Stakes

Please use this avatar:

1. Bounty Hunters must be part of our Official Telegram Channel to participate.
2. Stakes are not counted for that day when a bounty hunter is not wearing Avatar/Website.
3. Duping on referrals will make the entries invalid.
4. Referral by each account is entitled up to a maximum of 20 entries.
5. We reserve the rights to invalidate all of your referral entries with no reasons.

Signature Campaign

Token Allocation: 37% – $1,665,000 worth of tokens
Members: 20 Stakes per post
Full Members: 40 Stakes per post
Senior Members: 60 Stakes per post
Hero Members: 80 Stakes per post
Legendary Members 120 Stakes per post

1. Bounty Hunters must at least ranked as Member in order to wear our signature.
2. Bounty Hunters must at least make 10 posts every bounty week wearing our signature or else their entry for that bounty week would be disqualified.
3. Posting in the following sections (AND ALL OF THEIR SUB/CHILD BOARDS) will not be eligible for the bounty. These sections are: Marketplace; Off Topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins)
4. Poor quality posts such as “Hello”,”Good Luck”, “This project rules”, and other inadequate posts will not be considered as an entry for the bounty.
5. The Bounty Hunter must contain a minimum of 100 characters in their post to make a valid entry.
6. Bounty Hunters must also wear the signature to make a valid post.
7. Bounty Hunters with red trust scores cannot participate in our bounty.
8. Having multiple accounts is not allowed and will be restricted to participate in all of our campaigns.
9. If you’re leaving us for another campaign, please PM the Bounty Manager. Otherwise, all of your entries will be forfeited.[/left]

Content Campaign

Token Allocation: 28% – $1,260,000 worth of tokens
per Article = 20 Stakes
1st 500 views = 50 Stakes
per succeeding 1000 views = 100 Stakes

1. The article must be of high quality and proofread.
2. The content must be unique.
3. In an event that we found out you have copied or plagiarized an article, you will be restricted to join any of our campaigns.
4. The article must be published publicly otherwise it would be rejected.
5. The article should contain not less than 500 words.
6. The article must include links to our website, bitcoin thread, and at least 3 of our social media accounts.
7. Eligibility of any article will be at our discretion, and we reserve the rights to reject any article even without reason.


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