CROSSPAYS – Official Bounty campaign


The idea and architecture of Crosspays are described in details in Whitepaper and Presentation
The content is shown in Video
The demo of the MVP version of Crosspays is available here.
The smart contract code is available in the GitHub repository
Soon there will be a press conference for journalists. Learn this the first !


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Only in Private Presale and only NOW on
+50% to any sum for the first 1000 participants (+200% max)
When buying from $1000 up to $10,000: + 100% bonus!
When buying over $10,000+ 150% bonus!Extra bonuses:
+ Rewards of $ 50,000, $ 30,000 и $ 10,000 in CPS tokens.
+ Unique status in Crosspays.
Tesla Model X and awards of $ 50,000, $ 30,000 и $ 10,000 in CPS tokens
for the users of!




Distribution of Bounty campaign tokens:

1. Bitcointalk signature: 25%;
2. Twitter: 15%;
3. Facebook: 10%;
4. Telegram and moderation: 13%;
5. Telegram Airdrop: 13%;
6. Translating posts into other languages and moderation: 10%;
7. Medium: 5%;
8. Media, videos, forums and blog posts: 22% .


+ Extra bonuses from Crosspays:

+ Tesla Model X and additional rewards
+ Referral program
+ Crosspays Telegram Bot
+ Additional bonuses in CPS tokens for active participants from the advertising and PR fund
+ Mobilizing Crosspays




Main terms:
1. 5% of the amount of fees is allocated to the awards of participants of
2. The amount of rewards will depend on the results of the sale of CPS tokens;
3. If your rank has changed during the campaign, PM Bounty Manager (Joss1972Bit Smith);
4. The use of fraud, deception, spam or any unethical behavior is not allowed.
Those who received negative confidence or a ban during their participation in our campaign will be disqualified and will receive nothing;
5. Accounts with negative confidence are not accepted;
6. The stakes are calculated every Friday;
7. The team of Crosspays reserves the right to make minor changes to the terms of the Bounty campaign.
You must periodically check these Terms for changes;
8. Bounty campaign of Crosspays starts from the moment of  creation of this post.






Distribution of stakes for each rank:
Full Member: 5 stakes/day
Sr. Member: 7 stakes/day
Hero/Legendary: 11 stakes/day

1. Minimum 15 posts per week. Disqualification in case of non-publication;
2. The post should be not less than 100 symbols, do not repeat someone else’s messages;
3. IMPORTANT NOTICE. We do not consider the messages on the following boards: Off-topic, Archival, Games and Rounds, Micro Earnings;
4. Spammers and multiple accounts will be banned and disqualified;
5. Those who received negative confidence or a ban during their participation in our campaign will be disqualified and will not receive anything;
6. Accounts with negative confidence are not accepted;
7. Advertising anything else in your Signature will lead to removal from the company;
8. The stakes are counted every Friday;
9. The Signature campaign is limited by 200 participants!

Check your membership status here
If your status has changed PM Bounty Manager (Bit Smith).

Instractions for participation:
1. Add a signature corresponding to your level of rank, as well as avatar and personal text;
2. As soon as you have a signature, avatar and personal text, report in this thread.
Only after that you can fill in the form;
3. Fill in the Google form.





1. More than 500 friends: 10 stakes/week
2. More than 1001 friends: 30 stakes/week
3. More than 3001 friends: 50 stakes/week
4. More than 4800 friends: 70 stakes/week

1. In account there are minimum 500 real friends, it is open and older than 4 months;
2. Press “like” and subscribe to the official Facebook page:
3. It takes into account 1 post/repost per day, at least 3 posts/reposts per week and
1 one constructive comment to any post not older than two weeks;
4. Facebook account must be real. Fakes, dead, inactive accounts and bots are not accepted.
Participation from multiple accounts is not allowed. Participants convicted of violations will be disqualified;
5. Subscribe to our official Facebook group:

Instruction for participation:
To participate, follow the link: CLICK HERE
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE






1. More than 500 followers: 10 stakes/week
2. More than 1001 followers: 30 stakes/week
3. More than 3001 followers: 50 stakes/week
4. More than 5001 followers: 70 stakes/week
5. Более 10,001 followers: 120 stakes/week

1. Your account should have minimum 500 followers and be public;
2. Follower our official page in Twitter:
3. “Like” a tweet that you’re going to retweet: only 1 tweet/retweet per day will be counted;
4. “like” & Retweet at least 3 messages a week;
5. The Twitter account must be real. Fakes, dead, inactive accounts and bots are not accepted.
Followers will be counted on the basis of audit you need to have minimum 90% of real followers;
6. Participation from multiple accounts is not allowed.
Participants convicted of using multiple accounts will be disqualified.

Instruction for participation:
For participation follow the link: CLICK HERE
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE

Every week you should publish links to all your retweets and tweets in the following format on Friday,
otherwise your stakes will not be counted.

First Week
Retweet Link 1
Retweet Link 2
Retweet Link 3
Retweet Link 4
Tweet Link








1. Place the Crosspays avatar on the location of your profile picture: 1 stake
2. Add Crosspays ICO to your user name: 1 stake

1. Join our group in Telegram and be active;
2. Stay in the Telegram group until our ICO is over;
3. You should not use spam or trolling;
4. You do not have to discuss BOUNTY in our group.

Instruction for participation:
Follow the link to participate: CLICK HERE
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE







To take part in this Airdrop and get for free 10 CPS, you have to:Rules:
1. Join our group Telegram and be active;
2. Stay in the Telegram group until our ICO is over;
3. You should not use spam or trolling;
4. You do not have to discuss BOUNTY in our group.
Only the first 1000 participants will receive a reward.

Instruction for participation:
To participate follow the link: CLICK HERE
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE






20 stakes/week

1. Subscribe to the official page in Medium, click “Clap” for the post and
leave a constructive comment under each post, not forgetting to click “Clap”;
2. Disqualification for the absence of comments;
3. One comment to each post is to be considered;
4. The comment should be constructive and consist at least of two sentences;
5. Comments are considered only  those without spam, repeated or unnecessary content.
Only the first 3,000 participants will receive a reward

Instruction for participation:
To subscribe follow the link: CLICK HERE
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE






Payment for each task:
1. Translation of project announcements (Announcements thread): 100 stakes;
2. Translation of Whitepaper: 400 stakes

Ann thread: reference to the root thread of Crosspays
Translation of Whitepaper: File for translation

3. Publication of news from the author of the topic about the Crosspays Team (check the official channels of Crosspays in media networks): 20 stakes;
4. Bonus if your thread has more than 1000 reviews: 200 stakes;
5. Bonus if your thread has more than 2000 reviews: 300 stakes;

For Announcements Thread and Whitepaper we need translations into the following languages:
Arabic, Turkish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian,
Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean + others

1. One person – one Ann thread;
2. Disqualification for lack of updates and a dead topic;
3. Only messages with new content, without spam, repeated and unnecessary messages are considered;
4. Translation must be original, using Google Translate and similar automatic services is prohibited;
5. If an automatic translation is found, the participant will be immediately disqualified;
6. To get a stake, you must moderate your threads;
7. You must provide an answer to any questions asked in your local topic,
PM with the author of this topic, if you have doubts about the answer;
8. Wait for approval to get started. It will turn green; 
9. The translation takes 7 days. In case of non-observance of the term – disqualification and ban;
10. At the beginning of the post there must be a reference.

1. Reserve a ANN thread and whitepaper in your language in this thread. Give examples of work performed;
2. Fill in This form of Google;
3. Inform in this thread when your transfer is made by providing a transfer link;
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE 





Media, videos, forums and blog posts


Payment for articles: 
1. High quality: 300 stakes;
2. Good quality: 200 stakes.Stakes per video: 
High quality: 500 stakes
Good quality: 200 stakes
+ a bonus of up to 1500 stakes if the article/video has 1000 + views.
+ an additional bonus is available in CPS tokens from Crosspays manager 

1. Low quality articles and videos are not accepted;
2. Articles and videos must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed.
Use the official pictures, logo, graphics posted on the site, the Announcements, Facebook and Twitter;
3. The article must contain at least 1000 characters or it will not be accepted;
4. The video must be a minimum of 2 minutes or it will not be accepted;
5. The article should contain a link to the official website of Crosspays;
6. Blogging platforms on general topics, such as Medium, Steemit, Newbium and others are accepted, but only one post per participant.
Instructions for participation: 
To participate, follow the link: CLICK HERE 
Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE





+ Additional bonuses from Crosspays:


Win Tesla Model X + $ 50,000, $ 30,000 or $ 10,000 in CPS tokens!

A separate raffle of the car Tesla Model X or the equivalent of its cost ( $ 150 000) in any cryptocurrency will take place among the registered users of – members of the Crosspays Bounty Campaign. In addition, during each of the ICO (PRIVATE PRESALE, PRESALE, and ICO) stages, three prizes in the CPS tokens will be raffled (equivalent to the amount of $ 50,000, $ 30,000 and $ 10,000) for the most active members of the Bounty campaign of Crosspays.

1. The Tesla raffle or the cost of the car ($ 150 000) in any crypto currency among the participants of will occur within a week after the completion of the ICO only when reaching Soft Cap ($ 5 million).
2. CPS tokens are played out within a week after completion of each stage of ICO: PRIVATE PRESALE, PRESALE, and ICO;
3. The Tesla lottery will be held among the 1000 most active members of the Bounty Campaign;
4. The Crosspays team will select the participants of the lottery among Bitcointalk Users basing on the summary statistics of the activity: the number and quality of the users of the Crosspays Community aimed at advertising during all stages of the ICO;
5. The decision to charge prize money in CPS tokens is accepted by the Crosspays team on the same basis;
6. When, where and how to carry out a lottery of Tesla or the value of a car in cryptocurrency, the members of the bounty campaign decide themselves. Leave your suggestions in the root thread. We will fulfill all the real conditions;
7. Winners are required to publicly give the evidence of receipt of prizes.

Instructions for participation: 
Register in and take part in the official Bounty Campaign of Crosspays. Good luck!

You can also increase your chances of winning and take part in a raffle for the participants in a crowdfunding campaign at as a regular user. To do this, you need to create a separate profile, buy CPS tokens and follow the terms of the lottery. Developed activity within the company on is not counted.


Get reward from selling CPS tokens: 4% – the first referral level, 2% – the second, 1% – the third.
By clicking your referral link, the User becomes your referral and buy, for example, 10.000 CPS tokens.
You receive: 400 CPS, being the first referral level.
If the referral of your referral buys 10,000 CPS, you get 200 CPS.
If the referral of your referral invites one more referral and he buys 10 000 CPS, you get 100 CPS.

Motivation for the User: 
The user receives: + 2% more to purchased CPS tokens
Example: clicking the referral link and paying for 100 CPS, the user receives 102 CPS + bonuses of ICO stages.

1. Send a referral link to your friends, colleagues, subscribers with a motivating offer to participate in ICO of Crosspays;
2. Use the strategy of Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses – it is very effective;
3. Write and publish an interesting post with a referral link,
constructive comment or an article about Crosspays in social networks, shoot a video on Youtube …;
4. Visit the group of crypto investors of Telegram and contact the participants personally,
in a constructive conversation, persuade them to purchase CPS tokens with an additional discount only from you;
5. Do not use Crosspays referral link for spam.
6. Think up something of your own!

Important: Spammers will be banned and disqualified;

Instructions for participation: 
Register in Crosspays, in your personal account go to “Bitcointalk Campaign 
and in the section “Referral System” you will see your unique referral link. Good luck!


+ Crosspays Telegram Bot 

The Crosspays telegram bot publishes in the groups a motivating post about Crosspays with your unique referral link.
By clicking your link, the user buys 10.000 CPS tokens .
You receive: 400 CPS – the first referral level, 200 CPS – the second, 100 CPS – the third.

Motivation for the User: 
The user receive: + 2% to purchased CPS tokens
Example: by going to the referral link and paying for 100 CPS, the user receives 102 CPS + bonus stages ICO.
For more information about how the referral link works go to the section REFERRAL CAMPAIGN.

Instructions for participation: 
1. Register in Crosspays, in your personal account, go to the section “Bitcointalk Campaign“.
2. In the “Accounts” section, confirm your account in Telegram.
3. Add the bot @CrosspaysBot to the group associated with the cryptocurrency topic.
4. Now @CrosspaysBot on the command /show will public a post about Crosspays with your unique referral link.

Personal bonuses and additional CPS tokens from the Crosspays team 

Individual payment in CPS tokens from the Fund of Marketing, Advertising and PR.

1. Your information capabilities, resource or network of resources should have a wide audience coverage:
More than 30 000 + views, subscribers, etc.;
2. You must at least read the Whitepaper, share the ideas of Crosspays and have a full understanding of
what the Community is and its pluses for the users.

Instructions for participation: 
Fill in this form of Google. The team of Crosspays will contact you.
Spreadsheet: PRESS HERE 




Mobilization Crosspays 

If you are a leader of a successful team, which since the start of the ICO of Crosspays,
using its own resources and capabilities, is able to develop the Crosspays Community in your country,
in order to be a part of the successful global company of Crosspays in the near future – do not hesitate.

Contact us: describe your team and capabilities, outstanding skills and abilities of team members,
which can be integrated into Crosspays, provide an approximate Community development plan in your country,
which your team can confidently begin to implement right now.
Perhaps, it is you who are the element of Crosspays. We look forward to seeing you at Crosspays:


Message to Bitkointalk Forum members from Crosspays 

The Crosspays team thanks you for your trust and assistance in the development of the Community.
In the nearest future members of the Community Support Campaign will receive unique statuses in the Community,
various bonuses and priority when hiring in Crosspays.
Only forward!
The Team of Crosspays


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