We are glad to announce the launch of the bounty campaign, which will continue the whole month . Hurry up to join! 🔥


For participation you get tokens, not stacks!


General Rules


The Bounty manager and the Team reserve the right to make changes to the conditions at any time (except distribution)
Billing addresses will NOT be changed after you sign up for the campaign. Take care of your safety
Any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to an immediate disqualification from the campaign
A mandatory rule when submitting reports is the requirement to write new reports every week. You do not need to edit your old message.Stakes will not be accrued
In the main the telegram chat is forbidden to write about the bounty. Violation will entail ban and removal from the campaign
You need to concentrate to promote our project as a product, something like “Profede is the next generation of professional data privacy.Thanks to blockchain, you can be sure your data is protected.”
Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. It will results getting all of your accounts permanently banned


Bounty will continue the whole month


Important Links:


Telegram GreenX Bounty&Airdrop Chat:


Spreadsheet with Your rewards:




Please register on our website



100 000 GEX tokens for first 10 000 participants!



Join telegram chat;
Write a constructive message immediately after the join. You must write an interesting question, comment. It should not just be “Hello”, “Wow” or “How are you?”;
Send proof of your participation in airdrop at the Bitcointalk on this thread in the format(necessarily):


Bitcointalk username:
ETH address:
Telegram username:


Register in Airdrop using the link below;


It is forbidden to write about bounty and airdrop in the main chat GreenX! For violation – ban!






Bad – 0 GEX
Good – 20 GEX
Great – 35 GEX




Your account must have at least 50 subscribers. Recommended blogs: Steemit, Medium, Golos;
Your article must be unique and have at least 1000 characters;
You must put links to our website and WP;
You will get tokens based on the quality and popularity of your works that will be evaluated by the end of the campaign;
You can get reward depending on the quality of your article;






• 50 – 200 views in the first 14 days – 5 GEX;
• 201 – 500 views in the first 14 days – 10 GEX;
• 501 – 1000 views in the first 14 days – 20 GEX;
• 1001 – 2000 views in the first 14 days – 40 GEX;
• 2001+ views in the first 14 days – 100 GEX;




Youtube video must be at least 2 minute long. You must have at least 1000 subscribers;
There must be a link to our website and WP in the description of your video;
It must be a unique video;






• From 5 to 10 messages – 50 GEX per week
• 10 and more – 90 GEX per week




Each participant must be subscribed to our main Telegram group;
Each participant must write at least 5 constructive messages or questions per week;
Your messages should be meaningful and constructive. Messages “Hello”, “How are you?”, “When is the ICO?”, Etc. will be deleted, will not be credited, and may entail disqualification from the campaign;
Each participant should make a weekly report in the bounty thread about the work done. The report should be provided as a link to the message;



Welcome, and good luck!

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