The Bounty Campaign will be having a 2 stage each stages contains 5 weeks which a total of 10 weeks of participation


April 18 , 2018 – April 24 , 2018 LIVE!!
April 25 , 2018 – May 01 , 2018
May 02 , 2018 – May 08 , 2018
May 09 , 2018 – May 15 , 2018
May 16 , 2018 – May 22 , 2018




General Terms

The Licerio team reserves the right to remove anyone from the bounty campaign if any kind of suspicious or dishonest activity is detected.
The Licerio team reserves the right to accept or decline any participation request.
The Licerio team reserves the right to stop any campaign or limit the amount of participants.
The Licerio team reserves the right to  lower / increase / change the amount of token allocation at any given time.

General Terms are provided above with each campaign featuring Additional Terms. Please carefully study these Additional Terms keeping in mind that these run alongside the General Terms.


Foreign Language Translation Announcement & Thread Moderator


The main purpose for this campaign is to allow users from all over the world to read about LICERIO in different languages removing the geographical barrier.
For every thread translated and moderated a 5,500 LCR tokens reward and for every whitepaper translated 8,500 LCR tokens will be rewarded a total of 14,000 LCR (equivalent to 2+ ETH ), there are different requirements to be followed in order to get the reward.
It is needed to translate the complete ANN Thread and translate our Whitepaper document located at


We are looking for Translators / Thread Moderators for the following languages ONLY (officially supported by the forum):


Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | Dutch | Filipino | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Indonesian
Italian | Japanese | Korean | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Scandinavian | Spanish | Turkish | Vietnamese


Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | Dutch | Filipino | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Indonesian
Italian | Japanese | Korean | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Scandinavian | Spanish | Turkish | Vietnamese




1. You will need to translate the LICERIO Announcement found here on Bitcointalk Forum in your language and proceed with applying the translation. Please make sure that the new thread will be opened under the correct language and category so that it won’t be erased by the forum administrators. The main activity is to create the thread and maintain it alive and fresh by posting regularly, keeping it relevant and attractive. You should be responding to people, engaging and supporting the community, maintaining an active role and keeping up with the updates of our project on Social channels, Telegram, Website and English Announcement thread.

2. You must sustain the announcement thread until the end of our ICO.

3. Minimum number of posts per week is 2. If you fail this goal, you will receive an up to 75% reduced number of LIC Tokens.

4. Do not start work unless officially accepted by us! If you are accepted as an announcement thread moderator, you must announce the project within 72 hours of delivery of the translated materials to qualify for Bounty Rewards. Whitepaper translation must be finished up to 5 days full.

5. Newbie and Junior Members are not accepted for this campaign.


How to participate:


In order to participate in this campaign a form needs to be submitted and then approved by me (The Bounty Manager) . The form can be found HERE

DO NOT proceed with translation unless explicitly instructed to through a private message.



Twitter Campaign


A main requirement is to follow the LICERIO account at

The amount of LIC Tokens to be awarded depend on the number of  followers.




•   500-1500 real followers: 150 LCR Tokens/week
•   1501-4000 real followers: 300 LCR Tokens/week
•   4001 and above real followers: 600 LCR Tokens/week


NOTE: Accounts with more than 10,000 followers will be rewarded with a 50% bonus.




1.   Follow LICERIO account.
2.   The twitter audit needs to be >85%.
3.   Like & Retweet at least 3 posts per week from LICERIO account.
3.   Your account must have at least 500 real followers.
4.   You should retweet only a post that is no older than one week.
5.   Only 1 post can be retweeted per day.
6.   If there’s nothing to retweet please do make an unique tweet about LICERIO its website link.


How to submit posts:
Follow this Format
WEEK #(00-00)
Twitter Account Link:
Spreadsheet number:


Telegram Campaign


All you need to do is join our Telegram Channel. Our Channel may be found HERE




Participants can earn 50 LCR tokens by joining the group.




1. You must remain a member of our Telegram Channel until the end of our ICO.
2. Token distribution will commence some time after the end of the ICO.
3. All participants’ applications and entries will be kept private.


How to participate:


Feel free to proceed with registering by clicking HERE. Once that’s done, join our Telegram Channel.



Telegram Ambassador Campaign


This is a weekly campaign. All you need to do is change your Telegram username and profile photo.




Participants will earn 150 LCR Tokens per week.




1. You must update your Telegram username to “Your Name | Ambassador”.
2. You must replace your profile picture with this one.


How to participate:


Register by clicking HERE.


Articles/Blog Campaign




1. All articles or blog posts must be publicly accessible on a platform which is relevant
2. Pieces should be at least 500 words and include references to /ANN Thread. Please review our whitepaper and website before publishing any content and if any question comes up don’t hesitate to send me a message on telegram @ryjin1007
3. The LICERIO Team reserves the right to withhold tokens as they relate to articles/blog posts if they feel the post is inaccurate or misleading, or if the post is deemed not to have an audience.
500- 1200 words : 300 LCR Tokens
1201- 2400 words : 600 LCR Tokens
2401+ words: 900 LCR Tokens


How to participate:
Feel free to submit your made article or blogs here with your information: HERE.



Institucional Media Campaign


This campaign is for any special media coverages or news agencies/large organization.


Please include in details what you have to offer, URL’s to review, duration, length of work, etc. in the following form. HERE




The minimum rewards is 600 up to 14000 LCR token i will check it one by one to see the quality of the videos


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