Bounty Campaign


May 10th 2018 – May 31st 2018


Official bounty program is live through our Bounty0x page here:
Please note that 1 SHR Token = $.02 and the bounty submissions are not through bitcointalk.  Please follow the rules on each set of bounty details on the official bounty0x page.

Telegram Bounty
In this bounty, new members can earn SHR for joining the telegram channel and everyone can refer individuals to join to earn tokens. In order to qualify for this bounty, you must join the ShareRing telegram here and the announcement channel here

Join the telegram channel 100 tokens.
Each referral rewards 100 tokens.
Refer telegram users to the ShareRing telegram channel.


Only new members during the bounty campaign can claim 100 tokens for themselves joining.
Referrals must remain in the Telegram channel until after the bounty distribution.
Campaign only allows for 1 submission, please add all your members in before submitting.
Accounts must be active.
Any signs of abuse will be disqualified.

Facebook Bounty
Hunters receive SHR tokens for sharing posts about ShareRing’s Official Facebook account:
Facebook post share AND Facebook post like: 175 SHR.


Follow ShareRing’s Facebook page to qualify
Have a minimum 200 friends to qualify


Hunters MUST like the ShareRing Facebook page.
There’s a cap of 50 shares max per user.
Only 20 shares per week are allowed.

Reddit Bounty
In this bounty you can earn SHR tokens for following us on Reddit here:

Follow us on our subreddit r/ShareRing
Leave a quality comment on the first thread ‘Welcome to ShareRing’

YouTube Video Bounty
In this bounty you can receive SHR tokens for making videos about ShareRing.


Minimum 1000 Subscribers to qualify.
Video must provide quality content and well researched.
Provide the following information in your description:

1. Main-Sale is live on June 4th, make sure to get whitelisted on the website:
2.Join the Telegram channel:
3. At the bottom of the description, please add ‘Bounty0x Hunter’ for us to verify authorship.

Reward Structure
1. 16000 for video upload
2. 40000 (total) for 2500 views
3. 80000 (total) for 5000 views
4. 160000 (total) for 10000 views
5. 400000 (total) for 50000 views max


Video must be at least 5 minutes long.
All languages are accepted.
One video per week per person max.

LinkedIn Bounty
In this bounty you can receive SHR tokens for creating/sharing posts about ShareRing on LinkedIn page here:


100-500 Connections: 250 SHR per post.
+500 Connections: 500 SHR Tokens per post.


Accounts with fake connections will be disqualified.
Minimum 15 words in the post.
Maximum twice per day.

Twitter Bounty
ShareRing twitter account:

250-749 followers: 240 SHR Tokens per retweet + like
750-1499 followers: 480 SHR Tokens per retweet + like
1500-9999 followers: 960 SHR Tokens per retweet + like
10,000+ followers: 3840 SHR Tokens per retweet + like


Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified.
Maximum 20 retweets per week.

Article Bounty
In this bounty you can earn SHR for writing articles about ShareRing. Your article must meet the following:

Articles should be minimum 500 words that is of top quality and well researched.
Each article must have three links to ShareRing (website + social + telegram)
Post on Medium, Steemit, Website blog, or News Site to qualify. Medium must achieve 500 claps, Steemit must achieve 300 views

Write review article about ShareRing: 10000 SHR.
BONUS: Extra 100000 SHR if the article is published in a top-tier publication (CoinTelegraph, Forbes, CoinDesk, Hackernoon etc). Feel free to ask at if a certain blog qualifies.


Article must be at least 500 words long.
All languages are accepted.
Must be an original piece.  Any attempt to plagiarize previous sources will be disqualified.
Maximum one article per person per week.

ICO Bench Bounty
Earn SHR tokens in this bounty for making a legitimate review about ShareRing on ICO Bench here:

Legitimate review on ICO Bench: 10000 SHR


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